Non-bank Loan Not Only on a Contract of Employment

When thinking about the installment loan, we should take into account that the service provider will check whether we will be able to cope with it. It has its assessment method in the form of scoring and we can be convinced that it will take into account not only our age or credit history. Our source of income is also important.

Labor market and non-bank sector

Labor market and non-bank sector

Non-banking institutions can undoubtedly adapt to the client’s needs. It can even be said that they often deal with it better than banks. They take into account aspects such as the specificity of the labor market. Seeing that many people work on the basis of a contract for a job or for a work, they adapt their offer to their needs. Of course, loan companies have their requirements for customers and they are very diverse. Our financial situation is important, but at present, the lack of an employment contract does not necessarily close the possibility of taking an online loan . By default, non-banking institutions will pay attention to whether our account is regularly paid for with the payment. If we earn a national minimum or we only keep up to 500+, our chances of a positive consideration of the application are relatively small. Nevertheless, the range of options available is larger than if we applied for a bank loan.

As it has already been mentioned, lenders usually understand stable employment slightly differently than banks. They take into account that potential borrowers do not have to have a contract of employment to have a stable financial situation.

Is only a contract of employment a fixed source of income?

Is only a contract of employment a fixed source of income?

When we decide to apply for financial support from the bank, usually it is about larger amounts, which is accompanied by a longer repayment period. Granting an untrusted loan or long-term loan involves risk. That is why banks very carefully check our credit history in terms of financial arrears and, consequently, the presence in the debtors’ registers. They pay no attention to the past but also to the present. Therefore, very often, for the only reliable source of income, such financial institutions recognize an employment contract for an indefinite period.

Paradoxically, even if we earn more by working on a contract for a work or contract, the work will always be a more solid basis for a positive consideration of the application. Therefore, there may be a situation where the bank did not give us a loan or credit despite the stable financial situation. We should not give up applying for the money we need, but we should consider other options than the bank.

Contract of commission or task for loans

Contract of commission or task for loans

The financial industry does not end with banks. There is a solid background in the form of a non-banking sector. It offers quick loans, also installments, which we will receive based on an online application. Online loans are granted taking into account only basic data. Numerous certificates, rather basic information about a fixed source of income, are not required from us. Being a client of a non-bank institution, we are not subject to such a strict assessment as at the time when we use the services of banks. Of course, we are verified in the debtors’ registers. However, we do not have to be employed on the basis of a contract of employment.

Non-bank loan for rent and alimony

Non-bank loan for rent and alimony

Loan companies risk less than banks, so they are more forgiving. Some of them also take into account other sources of subsistence in the form of non-standard contracts, annuities as well as alimony. Also pensioners can apply for the loan . Fixed income is defined by many of them as a regular profit for our account. It will allow us to pay off the installment loan on time , without prejudice to our budget. That is why more and more people tend to pay for installments and loans in installments, available as part of non-bank services.

Cash loan up to PLN 8,000 via the Internet – Quick Cash

Fast times determine us to look for newer and faster solutions to our problems. It is especially important in the financial field. Today, money dictates to us the conditions of life. Without them, we can not do anything and sometimes, despite work and income, we do not have enough for all our needs. Support in such situations is fast cash loans. They allow maintaining financial liquidity of both households and various types of enterprises.

The online cash loans offered by Quick Cash are one of the most attractive financial services available on the non-bank loan market. A fully optimized loan system allows quick and easy contact and instant loan application. What do you need to do to be able to receive a non-bank loan and how to choose an online loan that will be fully beneficial and safe for us? You’ll know everything in a moment!

Convenient cash loans for 18 years in 4 easy steps!

Convenient cash loans for 18 years in 4 easy steps!

Our online cash loan is offered to adults who have Polish citizenship and have a personal account with a Polish bank. These are the basic conditions. If they are not met, we will not be able to provide financial support in the form of a cash loan. However, if they are met, the way to cash is extremely simple and requires only 4 steps, they are:

  1. The choice of the loan amount and the repayment date on the main page of Quick Cash.
  2. Registration to the client’s panel (by completing the form or via Facebook).
  3. Submission of a loan application.
  4. Verification of a bank account via the API system.

It takes little time to complete the above steps. Registration to the system is only one-time. You do not have to complete the form any more when you apply for a loan. Thanks to this, money will be even faster on our account. Importantly, our regular clients are given the option of conveniently requesting a loan through other access channels, such as:

  • loan application
  • text message (loan sms)
  • loan for the phone

What else is worth knowing about online cash loans? How to check what amount will be available to us and which of the available offers is the cheapest cash loan?

Cash loan capability calculator – what is it?

Cash loan capability calculator - what is it?

Quick Cash, like all non-banking loan companies, checks the creditworthiness of its clients. When registering to the system, please enter your income, which is confirmed during the verification of your bank account. If you want to know before you receive a cash loan, whether the amount is available to us, a creditworthiness calculator will be useful. This is an extremely convenient tool that will verify our creditworthiness, i.e. the ability to repay a specific obligation, which, if it were not, are cash loans online.

As a rule, checking the loan capacity on the loan calculator consists in filling in specific fields, such as:

  • the amount of the loan
  • amount of monthly income
  • fixed monthly expenses (fees, food, fuel)
  • other regular financial liabilities (loans, installments, etc.)
  • number of dependents

Based on the information entered, the calculator counts creditworthiness and indicates whether we can afford a loan of a certain amount.

Cheap cash loan – how to find it?

Cheap cash loan - how to find it?

The maximum costs of cash loans granted by non-bank companies are defined by law. They include commission and loan interest at a fixed amount, which can not exceed the values ​​defined in the Act. The total cost of the loan is determined by the APRC. It is mandatory for every loan, so customers have full access to the cost of the loan. If we want the best offer, there is nothing more profitable than a loan for free. As a rule, we can only get such financial support once and only in the case of companies that offer the first free cash loans.

In this situation, when we use the service of a given lender for the first time, we get a cheap loan without fees, where the APY is zero and we give back as much as we borrowed. However, Fast Cash has cheap cash loans to offer to its regular customers. All thanks to the promotional program that allows you to get reliable clients every fifth loan for free! It is extremely profitable for people regularly benefiting from Quick Cash support.

Cash loan without income certificates – cheap, fast and without formalities!

Cash loan without income certificates - cheap, fast and without formalities!

When checking your creditworthiness and choosing the most attractive offer, you can not forget about loan formalities. In this case, Quick Cash has led to the minimum of all formalities, as evidenced by the 4 steps described earlier to obtain a quick loan. And if someone thinks that somewhere in the process there will be a need to send additional documents, he is very wrong. Quick Cash does not need any contracts or certificates. Our loans are really loans without any certificates, which the self-esteem panel will be convinced of at the time of registration, every disbeliever.

Additional verification can be carried out only in one case, which are loans for indebted households. In this situation, we are looking for the most favorable solutions for clients, which may also be consolidation loans. If someone has a difficult financial situation and has debts, he can contact our Customer Service Office, which will allow for a more in-depth analysis of the specific situation, and thus for more optimized assistance.

The best cash loans from Quick Cash – up to PLN 8,000 for 65 days!

The best cash loans from Quick Cash - up to PLN 8,000 for 65 days!

Are cash loans online from Fast Cash the best? Rate it yourself! We offer loans from 100 to 8,000 PLN with repayment dates from 1 to 65 days. With us you will get the first loan for free, and as a regular customer you will be able to borrow via the internet, telephone and loan application. And if you have friends who also need cash and you recommend us, then for every loan obtained from the order you will get a PLN 40 discount for your reminder. We have thousands of satisfied customers to our account. Join them and use the cash register in an easy and quick way. Life needs to be simplified, and with Fast Cash everything goes like a petal. Check it out!

How To Collect Your Quick Loans?

Cue-Cash is a service that allows you to send money immediately to any mobile phone and be able to withdraw it quickly from any ATM of entities associated with this service. To withdraw the money it is not necessary to have a bank account in the entity where you are going to collect the money and it is not necessary to use credit cards for it. It is possible to collect money from your quick loans through Cue-Cash when financial institutions offer it. Let’s see how this service works.

What is Cue-Cash and how to receive quick loans through this service?

What is Cue-Cash and how to receive quick loans through this service?

As we have just said, Cue-Cash is a service designed to send money to a mobile phone immediately and then be able to withdraw it at any ATM from the entities affiliated with this service. Its main characteristic is the speed, since the sending of money is immediate and it is possible to send it to any part of the world. It is also possible to send it to anyone who has a mobile phone.

With these features, Cue-Cash is an ideal service for fast-loan entities to send money immediately and collect it at an ATM instantly.

What are its affiliated entities?

The Spanish entities affiliated with this service can be seen here. It is also possible to collect money at ATMs of foreign financial entities associated with this service. To see the list, it is necessary to search the Cue-Cash website of the country where you wish to collect the loan.

What quick loan entities offer Cue-Cash?

What quick loan entities offer Cue-Cash?

The following fast-loan entities offer the Cue-Cash service to collect the money immediately:

  • Crediter.
  • Loanaer.

What are its advantages?

What are its advantages?

The main advantage of this service is the speed, being able to send the money instantly to any part of the world, so when receiving the money from the quick loans is a great service to not waste time. It is not necessary to have a bank account in the bank where you are going to collect the money and it is not necessary to have credit cards to receive it. It also has a large number of ATMs where it is possible to receive the money.

You already know what Cue-Cash is, what it is for and how it can be used by financial institutions that offer quick loans to send the money. Of course it is a great service and we hope that more entities will join us to offer it. To see the list of entities that offer mini- loans or  quick loans, you can see it here.

Loan without request to the employer

A loan without a request from the employer is usually the rule when borrowing. Because an employer does not have the right to take a look at the economic situation of the employee. for a critique

Nevertheless, there may be situations where a consultation can be useful. Especially when a loan without a request from the employer, the proven income ratios are incomprehensible.

Credit without inquiry with the employer – why without employer?

Credit without inquiry with the employer - why without employer?

Credit without request to the employer – apply without a headache credit. Those who do not work do not deserve anything. At least that’s the rule among workers. With earned money, consumers can make life as comfortable as possible. He who does not work lives either from the state or he inherited.

Those who live on the state must turn every penny twice. Thus, the employer is the linchpin in the lives of consumers. Even if there is a very good relationship with the employer, employees do not want them to know about their finances. As is generally known, no issue is as sensitive as the topic of finance.

No consumer likes to look into the cards in this regard. In any case, when the financial situation is tense and the employee has to take out a loan without asking the employer.

Even if a loan has been chosen without questioning the employer, it may well happen that further questions are necessary. Most of the time there are ambiguities regarding the income or if the borrower can no longer pay the installments.

Credit without request to the employer – credit check

Credit without request to the employer - credit check

Without a credit check, nothing runs for a loan. For example, a loan without a request from the employer is already a standard project. For example, an installment loan could do without the annoying paperwork. Because the score of private credit indicates the risk of default quite accurately.

As the private credit credit compass from the year 2015 shows, credit seekers go through the credit check with about 90% positive. Thus, it can be assumed that German lenders only with a few exceptions quite a loan without asking the employer.

However, the bank requires the customer’s consent before making a request to the employer. The amount of income is proven by the presentation of salary slips.

If the lender wishes to see the status of the employment contract, the submission of the employment contract may become mandatory. From this, the bank can recognize whether the employment contract contains a probationary period or whether it has a fixed term.

If you borrow a large amount of money, you are often asked to provide a certificate from the employer confirming that the applicant has not been dismissed. In addition, the query is mandatory at the private credit and this should show no negative entries.

Credit without request to the employer – Proof of creditworthiness

Credit without request to the employer - Proof of creditworthiness

Banks require collateral if they are to grant a loan. That should know every consumer who makes a loan application. The lender requires a sufficient and regularly incoming income as well as a positive private credit.The loan seeker is obliged to prove this data.

In doing so, emphasis is placed on the written form. Salary statements are required to determine the income. Normally, this should not be a problem since every employee receives proof of their salary from the employer every month. But there are workers who do not have this proof.

There are some reasons why proof of income can not be provided. Since these were relocated and no longer found or the employee works abroad and has no way to stop by the personnel office. Then there are some banks that suggest calling the employer and asking about the amount of income. Of course this is not always the wish of the borrower.

Who wants to give his employer insight into his finances.

Credit without request to the employer – order is everything

Credit without request to the employer - order is everything

Who wants a loan without the bank having to ask the employer for the income, should take care that he keeps his working papers properly. Anyone who files everything carefully, no matter what the documents are, can also meet the bank’s request for a loan request.

Then the loan seeker does not need to fear that the employer is in demand. If a request is nevertheless required, the bank must first contact the borrower and explain the reason. Without the consent of the customer, the bank may not call the employer. Here we have to think about data protection, which does not allow this step.

The same is true for the private credit query. Again, the customer must give his consent. If the customer refuses to call the employer, there may be no credit because the bank lacks important information.

Therefore, loan seekers should take care to always have the credit documents together so that there are no unpleasant demands. Knowledge should loan seekers that proof of income can serve not only pay slips, but also bank statements.

Credit without request to the employer – limited credit

Credit without request to the employer - limited credit

If you can not fulfill all the conditions of the bank, for example, because the income is not high enough or because there is a negative entry in the private credit, you can still get a loan with the help of a loan brokerage. The intermediary will carry out the preliminary examination of the loan and make a provisional credit decision based on the data entered in the form provided.

A request to the employer is not made by a reputable credit intermediary. The providers of so-called risk loans do not all work seriously. Customers should not pay in advance or call expensive hotlines to find out about their credit. Also, insurance contracts are not in the mind of a serious mediator.

The Credit Restricted credit can not be processed using the otherwise common automated auditing procedure. Here the individual case is examined.

Which proof of creditworthiness is necessary, the mediation will convey to the loan seeker. To completely rule out that no request is made to the employer, loan seekers can exclude this with a direct request to the lender.

A look at the privacy policy also provides information. If you are looking for a loan without private credit, you will not find any data protection agreement on the provider’s website, as private credit is not relevant for a private credit-free loan.


Loan for tax debts


It’s that time again on the 31st of May. Then is the deadline for the tax return. The self-employed, who have commissioned a tax consultant, can take their time by the end of the year. For all others, it may be the case that they have to reckon with a high tax back-payment to the tax office. But what happens when the money is missing? Is there a credit for tax debts?

How to replace tax debts at the tax office?

How to replace tax debts at the tax office?

In particular, it is the start-up founders who are seriously affected by tax debts. For those who have just opened their business, the tax office is a long way off. Rather, it will focus on attracting new customers. After all, the business is supposed to be up and most forget that there is also a tax office.

At the latest after the first reminder for the tax return, it is clear that taxes have to be paid as well. Reasonably enough, reserves should have been formed, but that was neglected. Now only a loan for tax debts can help. In most cases it hits the freelancers and the self-employed. Employees subject to social security contributions are thus not stressed, as the employer automatically pays the tax to the tax office on a monthly basis.

Apply for a moratorium at the tax office

In special cases of hardship, those affected can request a deferral at the tax office. But this only succeeds if an immediate payment of the tax would threaten its existence. If the tax office agrees, then the tax debt can be paid in installments. If the tax office refuses to defer payment for any reason whatsoever, a credit for the tax debts must be applied for.

But this only works if the credit rating is still ok. However, self-employed and freelancers have a problem. There are only a few banks that lend a loan to this profession. It gets even more difficult with the founders of the founders, because they do not yet have any reliable sales figures. Nobody can foresee how the business will develop.

If the credit rating does not allow a loan

Once a bank has been found that lends out a tax credit, the applicant’s credit rating is checked. If there were already payment difficulties in the past, a loan commitment can become a problem. If the matter has already been settled by payment, a notice of completion would have to be placed behind the entry. Nevertheless, there are many banks that refuse a loan even then. Even worse is the situation if the process is not done yet. Then comes a rejection by return mail.

Under these circumstances, the only solution is to ask his friends or relatives for money. Certainly this is an unpleasant task, but it can not be avoided. All self-employed people are told that they do not even come into this situation when they spend a part of their turnover on the tax office each month. Who knows that he has to pay, can win time by delaying the tax return. But at some point reminds the tax office. Then it’s time to take care of the tax bill. Once the tax return has been filed, it will not take much longer until the decision is made. At least then at least part of the tax bill should be set aside.

Focus on Debt Consolidation: Debt restructuring


 Also known as loan buyback, debt restructuring allows a borrower to reduce their monthly payments. The practice is for all individuals with multiple credits in progress.

Debt restructuring and its benefits

Debt restructuring and its benefits

The operation of consolidating all the loans of a client into a single large debt is known as the redemption of credits. This practice, which dates, was gradually democratized to be accessible to all the public. Indeed, all banks are able to redeem a customer’s credits when the latter requests it. After this practice, there is only one monthly payment to settle with a contact person. Debt restructuring helps indebted households to better manage their finances. However, the buyout is possible only in the presence of several debts combined as consumer credit, auto loan and mortgage loan.

Several advantages come from the operation. The most obvious result is the reduction in the monthly payment. The home manages to manage its budget better when it undergoes only one levy each month. Then the borrower has a longer repayment period thanks to the intervention. Finally, the overall debt ratio is experiencing a strong discount after the loan buyback. It is for this reason that it is possible to obtain a new credit without waiting for the payment of all debts. However, one must first look for a contract with a small credit redemption rate to bring out all the benefits. To do this, the client can turn to a credit redemption broker or use a comparative online tool.

How to use a loan redemption comparator?

The comparison is always required before subscribing to a banking service, whatever its nature. For those who wish to use a virtual comparator, simply go to and follow the instructions on the interface. The site asks its user to complete the form in order to obtain a flexible answer according to the profile of the individual. After that, the tool takes about 3 minutes to give a result. Unlike a loan buyback broker, the service offered by the tool is completely free. The borrower gets a solution appropriate to his needs with an interesting rate without paying a round. Saving time and saving money are the main advantages of using a reliable comparator like

Is it worth cooperating with debt collectors?

Czy warto współpracować z windykatorami?

The debt may get to a debt collection company whose employees will try to recover it. Is it worth working with debt collectors then?

Loan, loan, bills of various types – if we repay them on time, there is no problem. However, difficulties begin when we do not regulate them systematically, and thus the unpaid debt arises.

Establishment of unpaid debt

Establishment of unpaid debt

If we have such debts, the creditor, for example a lender or a mobile operator, will contact us. The contact is made mainly by post, but it can also be by phone and will consist in reminding us that the repayment period has passed and we should settle the obligation. At the same time interest for late payment will start to be charged.

In correspondence, we find the date to which we must settle the obligation. It happens that the creditor sets two or three terms in turn. Usually, when after about 2 months the debtor fails to pay his obligation, the case is directed to the debt collection agency. We often learn from correspondence that debt can be transferred to it.

Amicable debt collection

Amicable debt collection

Collecting companies most often deal with so-called amicable or soft debt recovery. These are actions aimed at informing the debtor that he has unpaid indebtedness as well as persuading him to regulate it.

Amicable debt collection has nothing to do with the debt collection execution – often these procedures are confused with each other, but it is worth remembering that the debt collector does not have such powers as the debt collector. He can not take over the debtor’s property, nor can he collect payments from his salary or savings. It is also worth pointing out that the debt collector can not threaten the debtor and harass him – in which case we have the right to call the police.

The most common amicable debt collection takes place:

The most common amicable debt collection takes place:

  • by correspondence – the debtor receives a letter about the fact that he has a debt and should pay it back, in the letter you can also find information about the consequences of non-payment, that is, referral to the court, and then the execution of bailiffs
  • by phone – the debt collector calls the debtor to remind him of repayment
  • in person – the debt collector can come personally to the home or to the debtor’s workplace
  • by e-mail – more and more often debt collectors also contact debtors via e-mail, for example via e-mail

Thus, debt collection companies use different methods to contact the debtor and persuade him to settle the obligation. Is it worth taking advantage of these proposals then?

Essentially, this is the best solution, taking into account the fact that we can then pay off debt on our own terms. When the case goes to the bailiff, we can not negotiate and the bailiff will be able to take on the salary, savings and the debtor’s property. The creditor also has the opportunity to indicate which assets of the debtor the execution is to be carried out.

If we decide to cooperate with the debt collector, then we can agree a repayment schedule with it, and thus we can also choose the amount of installments and the repayment date, which will be the most advantageous for us.