It’s that time again on the 31st of May. Then is the deadline for the tax return. The self-employed, who have commissioned a tax consultant, can take their time by the end of the year. For all others, it may be the case that they have to reckon with a high tax back-payment to the tax office. But what happens when the money is missing? Is there a credit for tax debts?

How to replace tax debts at the tax office?

How to replace tax debts at the tax office?

In particular, it is the start-up founders who are seriously affected by tax debts. For those who have just opened their business, the tax office is a long way off. Rather, it will focus on attracting new customers. After all, the business is supposed to be up and most forget that there is also a tax office.

At the latest after the first reminder for the tax return, it is clear that taxes have to be paid as well. Reasonably enough, reserves should have been formed, but that was neglected. Now only a loan for tax debts can help. In most cases it hits the freelancers and the self-employed. Employees subject to social security contributions are thus not stressed, as the employer automatically pays the tax to the tax office on a monthly basis.

Apply for a moratorium at the tax office

In special cases of hardship, those affected can request a deferral at the tax office. But this only succeeds if an immediate payment of the tax would threaten its existence. If the tax office agrees, then the tax debt can be paid in installments. If the tax office refuses to defer payment for any reason whatsoever, a credit for the tax debts must be applied for.

But this only works if the credit rating is still ok. However, self-employed and freelancers have a problem. There are only a few banks that lend a loan to this profession. It gets even more difficult with the founders of the founders, because they do not yet have any reliable sales figures. Nobody can foresee how the business will develop.

If the credit rating does not allow a loan

Once a bank has been found that lends out a tax credit, the applicant’s credit rating is checked. If there were already payment difficulties in the past, a loan commitment can become a problem. If the matter has already been settled by payment, a notice of completion would have to be placed behind the entry. Nevertheless, there are many banks that refuse a loan even then. Even worse is the situation if the process is not done yet. Then comes a rejection by return mail.

Under these circumstances, the only solution is to ask his friends or relatives for money. Certainly this is an unpleasant task, but it can not be avoided. All self-employed people are told that they do not even come into this situation when they spend a part of their turnover on the tax office each month. Who knows that he has to pay, can win time by delaying the tax return. But at some point reminds the tax office. Then it’s time to take care of the tax bill. Once the tax return has been filed, it will not take much longer until the decision is made. At least then at least part of the tax bill should be set aside.