A loan without a request from the employer is usually the rule when borrowing. Because an employer does not have the right to take a look at the economic situation of the employee.

Nevertheless, there may be situations where a consultation can be useful. Especially when a loan without a request from the employer, the proven income ratios are incomprehensible.

Credit without inquiry with the employer – why without employer?

Credit without inquiry with the employer - why without employer?

Credit without request to the employer – apply without a headache credit. Those who do not work do not deserve anything. At least that’s the rule among workers. With earned money, consumers can make life as comfortable as possible. He who does not work lives either from the state or he inherited.

Those who live on the state must turn every penny twice. Thus, the employer is the linchpin in the lives of consumers. Even if there is a very good relationship with the employer, employees do not want them to know about their finances. As is generally known, no issue is as sensitive as the topic of finance.

No consumer likes to look into the cards in this regard. In any case, when the financial situation is tense and the employee has to take out a loan without asking the employer.

Even if a loan has been chosen without questioning the employer, it may well happen that further questions are necessary. Most of the time there are ambiguities regarding the income or if the borrower can no longer pay the installments.

Credit without request to the employer – credit check

Credit without request to the employer - credit check

Without a credit check, nothing runs for a loan. For example, a loan without a request from the employer is already a standard project. For example, an installment loan could do without the annoying paperwork. Because the score of private credit indicates the risk of default quite accurately.

As the private credit credit compass from the year 2015 shows, credit seekers go through the credit check with about 90% positive. Thus, it can be assumed that German lenders only with a few exceptions quite a loan without asking the employer.

However, the bank requires the customer’s consent before making a request to the employer. The amount of income is proven by the presentation of salary slips.

If the lender wishes to see the status of the employment contract, the submission of the employment contract may become mandatory. From this, the bank can recognize whether the employment contract contains a probationary period or whether it has a fixed term.

If you borrow a large amount of money, you are often asked to provide a certificate from the employer confirming that the applicant has not been dismissed. In addition, the query is mandatory at the private credit and this should show no negative entries.

Credit without request to the employer – Proof of creditworthiness

Credit without request to the employer - Proof of creditworthiness

Banks require collateral if they are to grant a loan. That should know every consumer who makes a loan application. The lender requires a sufficient and regularly incoming income as well as a positive private credit.The loan seeker is obliged to prove this data.

In doing so, emphasis is placed on the written form. Salary statements are required to determine the income. Normally, this should not be a problem since every employee receives proof of their salary from the employer every month. But there are workers who do not have this proof.

There are some reasons why proof of income can not be provided. Since these were relocated and no longer found or the employee works abroad and has no way to stop by the personnel office. Then there are some banks that suggest calling the employer and asking about the amount of income. Of course this is not always the wish of the borrower.

Who wants to give his employer insight into his finances.

Credit without request to the employer – order is everything

Credit without request to the employer - order is everything

Who wants a loan without the bank having to ask the employer for the income, should take care that he keeps his working papers properly. Anyone who files everything carefully, no matter what the documents are, can also meet the bank’s request for a loan request.

Then the loan seeker does not need to fear that the employer is in demand. If a request is nevertheless required, the bank must first contact the borrower and explain the reason. Without the consent of the customer, the bank may not call the employer. Here we have to think about data protection, which does not allow this step.

The same is true for the private credit query. Again, the customer must give his consent. If the customer refuses to call the employer, there may be no credit because the bank lacks important information.

Therefore, loan seekers should take care to always have the credit documents together so that there are no unpleasant demands. Knowledge should loan seekers that proof of income can serve not only pay slips, but also bank statements.

Credit without request to the employer – limited credit

Credit without request to the employer - limited credit

If you can not fulfill all the conditions of the bank, for example, because the income is not high enough or because there is a negative entry in the private credit, you can still get a loan with the help of a loan brokerage. The intermediary will carry out the preliminary examination of the loan and make a provisional credit decision based on the data entered in the form provided.

A request to the employer is not made by a reputable credit intermediary. The providers of so-called risk loans do not all work seriously. Customers should not pay in advance or call expensive hotlines to find out about their credit. Also, insurance contracts are not in the mind of a serious mediator.

The Credit Restricted credit can not be processed using the otherwise common automated auditing procedure. Here the individual case is examined.

Which proof of creditworthiness is necessary, the mediation will convey to the loan seeker. To completely rule out that no request is made to the employer, loan seekers can exclude this with a direct request to the lender.

A look at the privacy policy also provides information. If you are looking for a loan without private credit, you will not find any data protection agreement on the provider’s website, as private credit is not relevant for a private credit-free loan.